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It so happens that one pill of generic Viagra is not enough. Some men are neglected recommendations and take just two, or even three pills. Why it is that one tablet does not guarantee persistent erections?

buy-generic-viagra-online1It is believed that the onset of erection with the appearance of erectile dysfunction is possible after only one tablet of generic Viagra, and a positive result is observed in 75-80%. Based on these statistics, it is necessary to refrain from taking additional tablets of Viagra, it is better to wait until one tablet will start its action. All this time, pay attention to your partner, by the way, if the partner is chosen by you, is not sexually attracted to you, then there is only one, and not all Viagra help ten tablets. Take at a time, several tablets are not recommended core and the elderly, because it’s a big load on the heart.

The generic Levitra is different from Viagra and Cialis and their generics?

generic-viagra-onlineThis drug is used for symptomatic treatment of erectile dysfunction. But the organic erectile dysfunction, these drugs do not cure. The highest efficiency products presented there in case we have to deal with the isolated endothelial dysfunction. There is such a short time, and not often. Here, of course, in the first place due to its medicinal properties goes inhibitor of phosphodiesterase 5. The effect of this drug lasts up to 36 hours, and during this time you can take a couple of sex acts. Those who use pills, do not need to strain your brain overdosage, for all ages, it is standard, you can even take a little bit of alcohol. Pills can be taken without any dependence on food intake. With regard to pills, it should be noted that these are two similarities between all of them, but some of them have fewer complications, but it operates less time than others. The doctors, sexologists believe that if receiving at least one of the above drugs can cause an erection, then 80% of the men can be helped, and the subsequent sex can be without the stimulus as a tablet. But the most popular pills you can try without prescription, just by buying them on the Internet.